Audit "as is" - "to be"

SpotIT strongly believes that proper sizing and configuration of the network & security and the associated performance are key to getting the most out of any infrastructure. Even the performance of the fastest, most highly specified systems is inadequate if the interconnecting network isn’t optimized.

To achieve an optimal infrastructure, SpotIT offers a network & security analysis in several phases:

  1. Making a full network & security inventory – it’s impossible to optimize the network & security without knowing all the components of the infrastructure and the role they play. The result is a detailed drawing of the network & security infrastructure.
  2. Based on the drawing created in step 1, all traffic flows are identified and mapped – analysing the traffic flows not only reveals what kind of traffic is using the network, but also how much bandwidth is being used by each protocol. Moreover, identifying the protocols on the network is necessary for establishing thresholds for each protocol, based on both bandwidth usage and latency. These thresholds are placed in a matrix to correlate them with a certain number of end users.
  3. Performance measurements – the throughput of the network is measured to determine if the thresholds established can be met in the current situation.
  4. Key network & security components are determined and both the specification and configuration of these components are checked.
  5. Bottlenecks are isolated and the root cause established.
  6. All recommendations to further improve performance are passed on to the customer in a comprehensive report. This report is divided into quick wins (improvements that can be achieved by reconfiguring the existing infrastructure, without CAPEX investment), short-term wins and long-term wins.