Help with global security vision

SpotIT strongly believes that information security is much more than just a technical challenge. To protect against cybersecurity threats in todays post breach era, you need an entire information security strategy, incorporated in the company strategy and built upon protection, detection and response.

New attack vectors (e.g. mobile applications, Internet of Things…) and the evolution to the cloud makes it impossible to rely only on traditional security solutions. SpotIT can help you with every aspect of information security. We start with a vision on information security and translate that vision into an information security program (including an information security policy) tailored to your business needs, but we can also execute every part of that program, whether it concerns prevention campaigns like security awareness training, protection technologies like next-generation firewalls or detection technologies like IDS. But we also understand the importance of cybersecurity response, so we can also help you with risk management, reporting, remediation and liability issues.

In short, SpotIT provides you with all the way security governance, without ever losing sight of the business impact.

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