Identity Control

A basic rule in security is the principle of least privilege, which means that a user or program should only have access to the information and resources necessary for doing their work and nothing more. To apply this principle throughout your IT environment, the infrastructure needs to be identity-aware. Your security policy then defines who can access which resources, using a specific type of device. 

For instance, your policy might state that a company employee using a company laptop with up-to-date antivirus software is allowed to access your business applications when connected to the company network. 

SpotIT makes your network & security infrastructure identity-aware on every access level. Legitimate users will be granted the network access they need. When anyone tries to access business applications, your security infrastructure will allow legitimate traffic, perform security analytics and identify the user. You know exactly who is using your business applications and network bandwidth at all times.

If you have guest users, they can be granted Internet-only access after registration. Company employees using untrusted devices can be granted webmail-only access. We can implement any policy, ensuring security for every possible scenario.