Response and Recovery

Today we live in a post-breach era. Perfect security doesn’t exist and therefore the issue is not “if a cybersecurity incident occurs”, but “when a cybersecurity incident occurs”. The crucial questions are how long would it take for you to see a breach and how (fast) could you react to it.

For most companies the risk of having to face a cybersecurity incident is bigger than the risk of a fire occurring. Unfortunately, although they all have insurance against fire, the majority are not prepared for a cybersecurity incident.

First of all, companies need a detection strategy that alerts them if their prevention strategy fails. Today it takes on average well over 200 days before a company discovers it has been breached, which means that all the important data has been leaked before anyone notices. SpotIT can help you to develop a strategy that, combined with the necessary tools, allows you to detect a breach in (almost) real time.

If you do detect a breach, it is essential to ensure business continuity and respond appropriately to prevent (further) damage. Having a recovery plan in place will help you handle any damage that has already occurred. SpotIT has the necessary knowledge and experience to help you prepare a response and recovery plan that specifies the appropriate actions for dealing with any cybersecurity incident, ranging from mitigation of the threat to forensic investigation of any damage that has occurred.