Software-Defined networking/Microsegmentation


In today's data centre networks, the great challenge is the struggle between taking care of security, a disaster recovery plan and high availability on the one hand, and offering flexibility, simplicity and manageability on the other hand. The more security or availability provided by data centre networks, the more complex, inflexible and harder they are to manage. At the same time, servers can be deployed and decommissioned within minutes and businesses and developers are pushing to implement new applications faster than ever before. 

To enable the network to keep pace with the business, new solutions have been developed and are finding their way to the enterprise network. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is the next wave of data centre networking and it will prepare your network for the future. 

It allows you to build very secure, highly available and high-performance networks while keeping them simple, flexible and easy to manage by creating a virtual network overlay that uses the physical network as a kind of back plane, just like VMware's ESX does to virtualize compute power. The physical network is called the underlay. 

By using network virtualization, your business can make significant savings on OPEX and CAPEX costs. At the same time, the network environment acts as an enabler for security solutions, so it becomes very easy to inject a firewall, load balancer or any other kind of security device into any flow you want without affecting the simplicity of the network. The result is a secure, compliant and scalable environment. 

SDN provides network & security administrators with the power to keep pace with server administrators and prepare the network for a new application within minutes, while keeping it secure, highly available and simple to manage. It also allows for integration with any kind of automation tool, just like server and storage virtualization solutions.